Cheap airport parking guide

Your guide to saving money on airport parking

When you travel away on holiday or business, get your trip off to the best possible start by booking the cheapest airport parking.


Cheaper airport parking is available at all the major Australian and New Zealand airports such as Perth, Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart, Sydney, Ballina, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Cairns, Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch.

Whether you need on or off airport parking or a meet and greet parking service both time and money can be saved.

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Airport Parking

Benefits of planning your trip well ahead

The basic key to saving money on airport parking is to book as early as possible. Every car park has a limit on the number of spaces available and the parking companies often have cheap deals to try and get you to book your parking as early as possible. By booking parking well ahead you will get the best possible price and save huge amounts on the turn up on the day ‘gate price’. This can be as high as 70% on some car parking options, but usually a saving of around 30-40% can be made.

What information do I need to know when I book airport parking?

When you book airport parking always have your check-in information available to ensure that you allow yourself enough time to get to the airport parking location, park your car and transfer to your terminal. Always check how often transfer buses run if you need one. Also when you return from your trip ensure you allow time to collect your bags before going to your car.

When you book your airport parking you may need to know the following information:

* Name
* Number of people in the vehicle
* Car Make and Model
* Car Registration
* Flight number and time outbound from the airport
* Flight number and arrival time back to the airport
* Payment method
* Your home address and contact numbers

Click here for a free airport parking quote

If you change your car after booking let the airport parking company know. Like wise if your flights change, then you must tell the airport parking provider as soon as possible so they can change your booking and recalculate the charges.

Most airport parking companies accept all major credit and EPTOS cards for payment, however you may have to pay a handling fee.

Once you have booked your airport parking you will receive a confirmation via e-mail with all the booking details plus directions to the airport parking location. Always keep this information safe and bring it with you when you go on your trip.

I hope this guide to airport parking in Australia has been useful.

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