Watch UK TV in Australia for free

The Slingbox
Did you know you can watch your TV while you are on holiday or watch a friend’s or parent’s TV in the UK while you are in Australia? Or just watch Australian TV anywhere in the world.

SlingMedia have taken a relatively old concept, made it simpler and called it the SlingBox. The Slingbox technology grabs the TV signal and sends it anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. This page shows you how you can watch UK TV in Australia using the SlingBox.

What is a Slingbox?
The Slingbox is a box that connects to the TV, digi-box, DVD recorder, PVR etc. and streams the signal to another machine on the internet in real-time. You could watch the transmitted TV signal on your computer at home, at work or in another country. You can even watch it on your mobile phone. You can also control the video just like you were watching at home.

SlingBox Solo
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Slingbox works with PAL or NTSC
The SlingBox and SlingBox software can transmit NTSC (USA) or PAL (Most of the rest of the world including UK, Greece, Italy, South Africa and Australia). The SlingBox works with normal TV, satellite TV, cable TV, DVD players, DVR or camcorders.

Remote control
One of the best features of the Slingbox software is that you can control the video source directly from your computer or phone.

SlingBox remote control

The SlingPlayer even has thousands of remote-control codes built in so you can choose a virtual remote looks just like the actual remote control.

This means that you can change the channel on your TV, fast forward through programs on your DVD recorder and even adjust the contrast of your TV picture whilst sitting on the opposite side of the world.

No subscription fees!
There are no subscription fees you just buy the SlingBox. You can also install the SlingPlayer software on as many devices as you like but you can only access the Slingbox using one device at a time.

What else do I need?
To watch the TV signal you also need the following equipment:

* A video source (TV, DVD etc.)
* A computer running Windows 2000/XP/MCE or Mac OS X 10.4 or higher (Linux support yet) or a Web-enabled cell phone running Windows Mobile Platform 4.0 or 5.0
* A broadband router
* A high-speed Internet connection (for watching your TV away from home)

How does the SlingBox work?
First of all you must connect your TV’s video output to the Slingbox tuner. The Slingbox then takes the video signal from the TV. The digital media processor then converts the signal into digital data and compresses the data using a Windows- or Mac-compatible codec. The Slingbox broadcasts this compressed data stream in real time via the Ethernet port adjusting the stream on the fly to cope with different network speeds.

You access this TV stream via your home network or a broadband connection using the SlingPlayer software on your computer or mobile phone.

To access the video stream from your Slingbox via the Internet you need to find your SlingBox on the internet. Every Slingbox has a Finder ID. When you try and initiate a remote connection to your Slingbox your computer tells Sling Media’s server what the Finder ID is. The Sling Media server then matches your Sling box’s ID to its IP address.

How to set up a SlingBox
You can find a full set of instructions here SlingBox setup instructions.

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